Experience Makes The Difference



With strategic planning, we help our clients repair areas of delaminated or spalled concrete on floors, walls, beams, columns, and ceilings. Our trained and experienced crews provide quality, post-tensioning repairs, bonded overlays, and expansion joint systems.
We ensure your parking structures will withstand continuous use with our preventative maintenance services. These services include annual wash downs, application of protective coatings, sealants, and sealers.
We are experienced in the complete restoration and waterproofing of numerous stadium structures. We can incorporate team colors in our overall approach and will make your stadium safe and structurally sound.
With our extensive background in agricultural concrete structures, our team is experienced and capable of meeting the challenges these complex repairs present.
Whether a foam injection is required to stop water intrusion or an epoxy injection is required to repair the structure, we are dedicated to making your structure sound and water tight.
Experienced in Carbon Fiber, Post Tensioning repairs, and other strengthening techniques, we are able to meet any change of use requirements or to mitigate any structural deficiencies.
We understand that each pre-cast concrete facility is impacted differently depending on the industry housed within the building. The experience we bring to these repairs ensures the most cost-effective method to address the impact and restore the facility.

About Us

In 2004, Merit Construction Services built a foundation on experience, expertise, integrity and a commitment to excellence to all of our customers and employees. We are proud of our ability to provide a wide-range of solutions through the many services we provide, such as restoration, maintenance in parking, energy, sports stadiums and much more. We value quality and that is why we provide using only the most skilled professionals, finest materials and innovative techniques. With determination, sweat and hard work, Merit Construction Services is ready to make your next project our masterpiece.

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